WinDiskXP Virtual Secure Disk
Version 1.3.2
Last Update 19 Dec 2008
Download Size 3,058 KB
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Description WinDiskXP is a tool to create virtual encryption disks and virtual CD. It makes a protectable disk for you.

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 WEWARE Ftp Client Free!
Version 1.06
Last Update 16 May 2007
Download Size 892 KB
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Description WEWARE FTP is a freeware for upload/download files from ftp sites. With easy to use and user-friendly interface it helps you take control of your upload/download more easy.


 FileContentReplace Free!
Version 1.00
Last Update 18 Dec 2007
Download Size 181 KB
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Description FileContentReplace is a freeware for batch file content find and replace.


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