WinDiskXP Virtual Encryption Disk 1.26

WinDiskXP is a tool to create virtual encryption disks and virtual CD. It make protectable disk for you.

1. WinDiskXP create virtual disk just like normal disk. You can use it as usual, storing any files (e.g. documents or pictures and movies), and opening these files directly from the emulate disk. You can even install application on it.
2. What is WinDiskXP good for you? It makes virtual disked based on files. All of your data written to the virtual disk are store into the file. So you can create a virtual disk very conveniently and doesn't need to change your hard disk partition.
3. What's more, you can create a encryption virtual disk yourself. When data are written to the encryption disk, they will automatically be encrypted and stored on the file. Nobody else can access to the data in encryption disk without your password.
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WEWARE FTP Client 1.06

WEWARE FTP is a freeware for upload/download files from ftp sites. With easy to use and user-friendly interface it helps you take control of your upload/download easier.

1. It has been tested support different kind of FTP server. Include UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows and U-FTP etc.
2. It help user to finish upload/download easily by drag file and directory between PC and FTP server.
3. Support resume upload/download.
4. You could move file/directory from one directory to another directory directly in FTP server. No need to download the files and upload again.
5. Multiple-language, you could change the interface caption to your own language easily by create/modify the language file.
6. With easy to use and user-friendly interface.
7. It is Green Software, which means you could copy it and use. No need to install it again each time your system reinstalls. And it wills not produce/modify any file/object to your system.
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FileContentReplace 1.00

FileContentReplace is a freeware for batch file content find and replace.
Sometime you want to update all the files with a simple string but found that there are more than 100 objects there. At this case you could try FileContentReplace, it will update them for you in batch.
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